Kanwardeep Architects

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AboutThe Client

KD Architects is an independent Uttarakhand-based architectural firm with a high level of expert knowledge and a distinct ideology. The firm has a strong conceptual approach combined with experience from past accomplished projects.

Over the years KD Architects has produced a wide range of innovative and ground breaking projects with an exceptional variation of scale and program. We have earned a reputation for creating bold, simple architecture with a strong connection to the Scandinavian context and the impressive Scandinavian landscape in particular.

As architects and designers we are fortunate to experience the overall process, from the first conceptual phase to the completion of high quality projects.  We are eager to find pragmatic solutions with users as well as technical consultants, at the same time we are passionate to make sure that the original concept is carried through in the end result


About this project


Kanwardeep Architect required a website that would brilliantly represent all the products and services that it offers. Therefore, it needed to be sophisticated in its appearance, and be practical in it’s layout and functionality. The website also needed to be flexible enough to support any changes as and when required.


WordPress was the best CMS to build a suitable website for KanwardeepArchitects. We used the best design elements and combined them with WordPress’ best features to create a website that gives the best user experience. We made sure the website was elegant, with a clean layout so that all the information is easily accessible